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Welcome to Blockme.com

We help you to prevent addiction, by giving you control over visiting casino's and coffeeshops. Nowadays it’s easy to buy products on the internet. Its quick, easy and fast. The amount of products grows every day. More and more websites shows us online casino games. Before you even know it you’ve played a game for a long time or you’ve bought too many products.

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How does it work?

Blockme.com is easy to use. When you’ve logged in to our website, you have the possibility to set your own restrictions. You can protect yourself against habits and addictions. We are here to help you.
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Casino owners

You want to keep your customers but you’re also aware of the addictions? With Blockme.com you are able to give your guests a great night, but you protect them against addictions to gambling. This unique win-win situation you are keeping your clients safe.

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On-line Casinos

There a lot of online casino games. When you’re searching on the internet they are easy to find. We don’t realize how much money we spent with playing these games. It’s easy to raise your investment and we keep on playing. Before we know it we spent too much money and too much time with a game. Another reason for Blockme.com to prevent addictions to gambling. That’s why it’s is very also very important to set your limits for this occasion.

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Coffeeshop owners

You own a shop and you want to keep your customers satisfied. But you are aware of the dangers of an addiction. We can give you a tool so your visitors can prevent themselves so smoking weed won’t become an habit. They can reduce the amount of visits to your shop, so they automatically reduce their amount of smoking.
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