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Coffeeshop owners

You own a shop and you want to keep your customers satisfied. But you are aware of the dangers of an addiction. We can give you a tool so your visitors can prevent themselves so smoking weed won’t become an habit.  They can reduce the amount of visits to your shop, so they automatically reduce their amount of smoking.

Your visitors will be checked when they want to enter your shop, based on their ID. You are immediately aware of their restrictions and you will know if he/she is allowed to visit your shop. With this we want to protect your clients and help them to take away the possibilities to get addicted.

Every customer has set their own limits. They can ‘t edit them.  They have set a limit on the amount of weed they can buy. A maximum amount of money they can spent or how many times they are allowed to visit your shop. When a limit is reached you can’t buy anything. They have to wait until the next period. Most of the time that will be next month. It depends on your restriction.

Customers can block themselves permanently from a shop. So they aren’t allowed in the shop at all. They can’t enter your store and you are protect your visitors for smoking too much or too many times.

We fight against addictions in every kind of way. We want your visitors to be healthy. Help us to reduce the amount of smoking weed  and get Blockme.com