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How does it work?

Blockme.com is easy to use.  When you’ve logged in to our website, you have the possibility to set your own restrictions.  You can protect yourself against habits and addictions. We are here to help you.

You can block access permanently for (online) casinos or other occasions. So when you want to visit, for example,  a (online) casino,  you are allowed to set a limit to your amount of visits. When you’ve done this, you are still able to visit, buy or play. But when you have reached your maximum, the game is over.

You can decide your own  limits and how much money you can spent. When you’ve reached it,  you can’t buy products.  Together we are trying to prevent people against addictions. When you are in a casino, or you’re playing online, there is a possibility to decide how much money your allowed to win or lose. When we are in the middle of a game and we are winning, there is a change to lose control. You’re winning and things are going great. But before you know it, you lost everything. You have set your maximum amount of profit. When you’ve reached it , your game has come to an end. The same is for your lost. When you’re playing and you are losing too much, our system will stop your game. You’re not allowed to play anymore. When you want to try to edit your restrictions, you will see that this is not possible. Another way of protection from Blockme.com
You can’t make a wrong decision in a weak moment.

Blockme.com prevents addictions in different ways. There’s a lot of online shopping nowadays. We watch commercials, buy the products and receive them at home. It’s even a possibility to pay in terms. We are aware of the growing amount of online shopping and online gaming. That is why we want to give you the most varied protection as possible.