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Casino owners

You want to keep your  customers but you’re also aware of the addictions? With Blockme.com you are able to give your guests a great night, but you protect them against addictions to gambling.  This unique win-win situation you are keeping your clients safe.

Before people visit a casino, they know their restrictions. That will be checked when they show their ID. You know immediately when someone is allowed to enter your casino, or when access will be denied. Again, Blockme.com will monitor their behavior and register all the games that are played. When you’ve reached your restrictions you are not allowed to play any games. You can continue your night in the casino, but there will be no more games for you.

To prevent addictions to gambling it is necessary to think about your restrictions. Because you’re playing a game, it is still possible to lose or win money. So again, you can’t add more money to your restriction. Your maximum is your max and once you reached it, win or lose, you are not allowed to play and you have to quit. Especially the maximum amount of win is an important one. Because when you are playing and you’re winning you become eager and you’re willing to continue. But the change of losing all of it… That’s why we offer this restriction to prevent you from making wrong decisions in the heat of the moment.

This is our protection against addictions and we don’t want to take your fun away, we just want you to have a nice evening, without any risks.

With our system Blockme.com you help reduce the amount of addictions to gambling. But your visitors still can have a pleasant evening  with a lot of fun!