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On-line Casinos

There a lot of online casino games. When you’re searching on the internet they are easy to find. We don’t realize how much money we spent with playing these games. It’s easy to raise your  investment and we keep on playing. Before we know it we spent too much money and too much time with a game. Another reason for Blockme.com to prevent addictions to gambling. That’s why it’s is very also very important to set your limits for this occasion.

When you want to play online, most of the time you have to log in . When you’ve done that Blockme.com is able to check your restrictions. We have to possibility to allow or deny your access. In case your allowed to play, we will be checking your behavior. When you have a limit on you maximum amount  of playing and you have reached it, you can’t play anymore. We want you to have fun, but we want to prevent an addiction. So you can play but with our protection. With this we want you to control your behavior so gambling won’t become a habit.

In case your access is denied, then you’ve reached your limit. It is possible you have blocked this website permanently. You are never allowed to this site. Or you have been on this site too many times and you have to wait when you are allowed to play again. For example you are allowed to visit this game four times. A fifth time will be denied and you have to wait until the next period.  Most of the time that will be the next month, or the next period, that depends on your restriction. Again we want to keep you away from addictions to gambling.

When you want to try to edit your restriction, you will notice this isn’t allowed. We want to give you the possibility to play in a safe environment. We made the choice to work against gambling addictions and we have blocked this for you. So you will never regret any wrong decisions.