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Online shoppen

We watch commercials on TV and you are interested. It’s easy to buy the products . It will be delivered at home. It is even possible to pay in terms. How simple, how easy…  And how dangerous. The online shopping we see it every day. Many people are buying things and before they know it they bought too much. The product was just a little too expensive. But it looked so great…  Without knowing you keep on going and your slowly build your addiction. It becomes a habit. Watch, buy and receive…

This is a restriction we highly recommend. It works as all the other restrictions. You give yourself a budget and you can use that for a certain period of time. When you haven’t bought anything in this period, your amount will be added to the next period. It is possible to block certain sites or you can set a limit on the number of visits. This all to protect yourself against an addiction.

Block websites where you can buy things, make sure you only can use a couple of sites.