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Welkom to Blockme

We are here to help you to prevent addictions.  You now have the opportunity to block or limit your visits to online casinos and coffeeshops.

Nowadays it’s easy to buy products on the internet. Its quick, easy and fast. The amount of products grows every day. More and more websites shows us online casino games. Before you even know it you’ve played a game for a long time or you’ve bought too many products.

Unknowingly  we humans create a habit and we become independent of these products or occasions. We can’t leave it and we need to play or buy. It became one of our daily things to do. We became addicted before we know it… And that is what we want to prevent. Blockme.com is a unique concept and it allows you to protect yourself and prevent an addiction.

You can see how much money you spent and how many times you’ve been into a (online)casino.  You are able to block your access to online casinos or you are allowed to play for a limited time.  It’s possible to set your own budget or decide how many times you are allowed to visit a casino. We want to give you the opportunity to break your pattern so you can protect yourself.

Blockme.com wants to prevent addictions, but never want to cut off your fun. We all want to stay safe and protected .

Register now and keep your fun and relaxing moments, but then in a responsible way.

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